Practice Areas


Business Transactions involve:
  • Negotiation and Formation of Contracts
  • Custom and Practice
  • Application of Laws to the Specific Sector of Business

Business transactions are part of all industries, but they can turn from rewarding to frustrating fairly quickly. The more prepared you are, the more likely you’ll be ensured a smooth business transaction. By working with a transactional attorney, there is a greater likelihood you’ll preserve valuable business relationships for the long term and minimize disputes down the road.


Business Litigation can:
  • Divert your attention from you business objective
  • Redirect necessary resources
  • Disrupt business relationships
  • Affect the company for the long term

Regardless of your industry and how hard you work to develop your objectives, if you’re in business long enough, you will eventually be involved in some kind of legal dispute. The dispute may be with third parties and often times, is internal with the partners. Many business disputes are resolved outside of court, with very little time invested or financial expense involved.


If you are faced with legal issues related to compliance matters, you need an attorney who understands:
  • Your industry and the regulations that govern it
  • How to manage the investigation
  • How to deal with enforcement actions professionally and efficiently

Having the support of someone who can counsel you on the legal and regulatory requirements you face, and provide an aggressive defense when necessary is essential to your business’s continued success. Accusations of non-compliance and regulatory violations can have a devastating effect on your business.