Business Transactions

Business Transactions involve:

  • Negotiation and Formation of Contracts
  • Custom and Practice
  • Application of Laws to the Specific Sector of Business

Business transactions are part of all industries, but they can turn from rewarding to frustrating fairly quickly. The more prepared you are, the more likely you’ll be ensured a smooth business transaction. By working with a transactional attorney, there is a greater likelihood you’ll preserve valuable business relationships for the long term and minimize disputes down the road.

Many business transactions are governed by contracts that are unique to a specific sector of business while other transactions require agreements that may be more standardized such as shareholder and membership agreements for corporate entities. Before moving forward with a transaction, be sure to have an attorney prepare or review the contract to ensure that your objectives are addressed and legal rights are protected.

All too often business transactions become embroiled in a dispute because a contract is missing important information or fails to address an important factor. Using a transactional attorney from the onset, will not only guide you through the process, but help avoid problems down the road and avoid costly litigation.

It is just as important to have guidance for resolving issues that arise during the course of business relationships and address these options as well. . Experiencing some form of dispute often occurs and having an attorney to advise you will help you take control to ensure the ability to conduct your business for the long term.

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